Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ferdinando Carulli - Andante Op241 No7


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Antoine Meissonnier - Siciliana

Hi folks! It's taken me quite a while to find a decent site to host my audio files for this blog but I've finally gotten lucky so we're under way.

So, for starters, here's the last recording I've made to date.

Composer: Antoine Meissonnier, FRA (~1800)
Piece: Siciliana (unknown Opus and Number)
Score: Guitar School Iceland - Eythor Thorlaksson - Guitar Moment Vol3 - page 28

<-- Rosette from a baroque guitar

I won't be doing any particularly profound analysis on this first publication, just providing it for your very own listening pleasure as a welcome. ...and well done to those who actually get any pleasure out of it :-)

Comments highly welcome of course, especially when constructive criticism is involved.